Facebook Dating Not Working “It’s not your, it’s us” “Something went wrong “: iPhone/ Android


Many Facebook users are not able to access it one of best feature- Facebook Dating. The Facebook dating stopped working randomly and does not load anything except a blank page and error message. The Facebook Dating have been showing repeatedly message “It’s not your, its us” “Something went wrong and we’re working to make it better”.

Facebook Dating Not Working "It's not your, it's us" "Something went wrong ": iPhone/ Android
Facebook dating not working 2022

The FB users are unaware of the error and don’t have clue about how to fix the Facebook Dating issue. The reason why Facebook dating is not working and showing “something went wrong” Could be if you have swiped too much. Or this may also happen if you have done something on Facebook that is suspicious activity for Facebook.

As per some users below are the reasons when they are facing the issue

Mine did that when I x-ed too many people in 24 hours. I had to wait a few days and it went away.


 It only comes up when I decline a potential match.

Facebook Dating Not Working "It's not your, it's us" "Something went wrong ": iPhone/ Android

How to fix Facebook Dating Error :  “It’s not your, it’s us”- Something went wrong ?

The issue is linked to facebook server and sometimes takes a few days. If the issue is not resolved for you for few days for you than You can also take a screenshot of the issue and send it by message to FB support.

Further you may also try to access your account from other device like Desktop or iPad etc and check if the issue is also occulting there. If you are having this issue across all different devices then you should contact FB support and explain your issue to them.

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