Why does Facebook say that there are 2 comments but loads only 1 ?


Facebook is now one of the largest social media platform which lets you share your photos, videos and thoughts with your friends and public. Creators of Facebook are continuously working on new feature which makes it more fun and interactive platform.

Why does Facebook say that there are 2 comments but loads only 1 ?

But sometimes the changes in the Facebook are not easy to understand by a common users. One such thing is how the facebook shows comments to its users. The issue seen on different devices like iPhone 13 Pro, Android, iOS 15, iPad Pro and even on desktop version of Facebook running on Google Chrome or Firefox etc. You might have noticed that the comment in Facebook are now updated to new algorithms and shown differently from its earlier version. You might be wondering on:

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  • Why Facebook not loading all comments
  • Facebook shows comments on post but don’t show them

The new comment section of the Facebook is really annoying sometime for the users as they have no clue on what to do to read the comments. If you are also finding answer to this, then we have listed the reason below on why Facebook not showing all comments to read :

Why Facebook is not showing all comments 2022 :

Actually, the facebook algorithms are the reason which automatically can control which comment to show on a post or to you.  The comment will not be displayed if it is from a huge list of words that will trigger an auto censor.


Specially from a unverified profiles comments  are more frequently auto-censored on large facebook pages. . Facebook algorithms try to limit troll accounts from bombarding the comment sections, so it’s just a blanket setting that auto-censors anyone that hasn’t verified their profile through a phone number.

Only the publisher of the comment can see the comment unless passed from FaceBook Algorithms. There is nothing much can be done to read all the comment .

But if you are facing issue that Facebook is not showing your comment to other users , then to fix that, most times simply editing your comment to remove the word that the algorithm deems bad will be enough for your comment to appear to others.

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