Unable to transfer files between PC and Android/ OnePlus (Type C Cable) 2022?


Many Android users including Oneplus 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy s22+ etc are reporting issue while trying to transfer files from Android phone to PC. The connectivity issue is linked with Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC. 

The issue is Android phone/Oneplus 9 pro not able to transfer files between pc. Whenever you connect the phone to  pc it shows up the usb settings menu. But if you try to select to file transfer (usb charging is by default) , it does not work at all.

Unable to transfer files between PC and Android/ OnePlus (Type C Cable) 2022?

Usually when you connect Android phone to PC you should be seeing below options:

While connecting through Type A to Type C , the USB preferences page have 5 options to select


– File transfer

– USB tethering



  • No data transfer

But Unfortunately the File transfer feature is not working on Android and Windows PC. 

How to fix Android /OnePlus 9 Pro not transferring file to PC 

Workaround : Use using Type A cable or Diffrent cable connection

As per many reports if you are not able to transfer files from Android to PC then this could be a bug in the firmware. As a workaround try using type A to type c cable which seems to working fine. Only the stock type c to type c cable is not working with file transfer mode.

Also Type C to Type C is working only on Desktop, not in my laptop,

Workaround :

Another work around solution to fix files transfer issue is to use developer mode :

– Enable developer mode / settings.

– Search for “default USB mode”.

– Select “File transfer”.

– The Android Phone will immediately pop up within the Windows file explorer.

Make sure to turn the default mode back to no data transfer once done to maintain device security.

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