Facebook Background color not working on iPhone, Android?


Facebook which is now one of the largest social media platform , keeps on innovating new feature and making the platform more relevant to the users. Many users are active on the Facebook and they keeps adding their posts with different content to share with the loved ones. Recently many users are reporting issue with the Facebook posts that while creating a FB post the background color is not working. There used to be option to add a background color to the posts.

Facebook Background color not working on iPhone, Android?

The option to add Background color in the Facebook app is missing on Facebook and user. It was working fine and randomly background color option on the Facebook disappeared. This seems to be issue with the Facebook app as different mobile users like Samsung, Oneplus, Google Pixel etc. & iPhone, iPad and other device are facing the same issue. We have listed some possible fix for the issue, please try them and let us know in comment section if they helped

Fix Facebook Background color not working on App and Desktop : iPhone m iPad , Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, redmi, Pixel 4 2022

Solution: Check on Different browser

If you are facing the issue with Facebook background color on the Google Chrome or Firefox or any other browsers then we recommend you to use different browser to check. Since the issue could be related to web Browser  , we recommend you to try different browsers like Firefox or Brave etc and check if the feature works fine there or not.

Solution: Check for App updates

If Background color not working on Facebook, Most of the time the issue is due to outdated app on the phone. Outdated apps have lots of issue with the feature since the Facebook server may not be able to handle all the request from older app version.


To fix that make sure to check for pending updating for Facebook app on the Playstore and app store. Keep your FB app always updated for best support from Facebook

Solution: Reinstall the Facebook app

Software glitch are other reason for feature related issue in any software. Generally other common reason why Background color not working on Facebook, could be due to some glitch on the phone and Facebook app. To fix that :


  • Open the Android phone settings-> Apps -> Facebook-> Clear clear Cache data
  • Uninstall the app form the phone
  • Reboot the phone
  • Reinstall the app from Playstore
Facebook Background color not working on iPhone, Android?


  • Uninstall the Facebook app from iPhone
  • Reboot iPhone
  • Reinstall the Facebook app

Once the installation in complete, login back to the FB app and check again.

Solution: Check for Firmware Update

There are chances that you are using a old version of Android or iOS version on your iPhone/ Android phone , which is not supported by Facebook app. To fix that check for phone updates pending for your Phone.

Go to setting->About->Software update

If it shows any pending updates then please install it and check back again.

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