How to fix Samsung S22 Ultra freezing / crashing ?


Samsung S22+ Ultra is flagship phone from Samsung and it has many upgraded hardware, specially bright display with LTPO and supports 120Hz. 

But recently many users of Samsung s22+/ Ultra are reporting issues that the phones keeps on crashing or screen freezes randomly while using diffrent apps. The phone is on the latest version but still with the latest Android 12 update the users are seeing this issue. 

How to fix Samsung S22 Ultra freezing / crashing ?
Samsung s22 freezing issue

The issue is seen with different apps and Samsung s22 Ultra screen freezes randomly while using apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or Google Chrome, or GPS linked apps. The Samsung s22 Ultra stutter a lot while using the phone.

How to fix Samsung s22, S20  keeps freezing/ Crashing

Solution : Reboot Phone

One common reason why Samsung s22 may freeze while running apps, can be due to some software glitch in the phone during app installation or software updates. To fix that you should reboot your phone and the issue should resolve. 


Solution :  Uninstall the Webview from Playstore

If you are using the latest version of Android then one workaround to fix Samsung s22 Ultra freezing is to try uninstalling ‘Android System Webview’ via the Google Play Store. This seems to improve phone performance and you should give it a try. 

Solution : Turn off background app refresh

If you are constantly seeing Samsung s22 Ultra 9 Pro freezing , then this could be due to overload on the CPU, to fix that you can simply turn off background app refresh setting on the Phone. 

Solution : Disable Bubble Notifications setting 

Many users on Samsung s22 are facing phone freezing with notification, observed that if you using Bubble setting in the phone then you may see phone hanging issue. One quick solution is to turn Bubble setting off in the Notification settings. 

Solution : Uninstall the Problematic apps

If you are using too many apps in the Samsung s22 Ultra phone, then a faulty app may cause issue to like freezing phone. For example many users is GCam app are facing issue that phone starts to freeze after installing this app , Try uninstalling the apps that may cause such issue and avoid them.


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