how to fix Version Mismatch Error on Storms of Heroes


Many users are facing  issue with Blizzards Heroes of Storm  that it is giving Version mismatch error at launch time. The issue started randomly and users are not able to login to to the game and stuck. 

how to fix Version Mismatch Error on Storms of Heroes
how to fix version mismatch error on Storm of heroes

Even when checked for any pending update there are no updates available for the user but still user are seeing version mismatch error on their Computer on windows. Even the “scan and repair”tool  also does not help to fix the issue. For some users closed and reopening the launcher seems to work but not every time. Please try below  solutions to fix the issue  : 

Heroes of the storm: Fix “Version Mismatch Error” ?

The version mismatch error is reported by a Game if the client (your game version) and server side version does not matches. Since multiplayer games are played on servers hence the client should be compatible to servers. But in case of outdated client or server, user may start to see version mismatch error. If you are  sure that your game is on the latest version then this could be issue with the server.

Many users after trying multiple times succeeds to connect to the game but not all the time. This makes the issue intermittent and linked to network /server related. 


As per some reports the version mismatch error is linked to Blizzard server not updated to support clients on latest versions. While some servers are on latest version and some are not, thus you may be able to connect sometimes and while not all the time. So if you keep trying to re-connect there are changes that you will attach to correct servers but it will be bit painful

As a quick workaround to fix the game version mismatch error you can try to change region and revert back, or reboot the PC etc, these will work but with low probability. 

Other solution is to block the servers which are not updated and causing the issue.  

Since the issue seems to be with some of the blizzard servers, in particular the



Blocking these IPs seems to fix the problem. For doing that In your firewall (e.g. Windows Defender), completely block these IP addresses. It is not like after blocking the IP you will succeed every time but blocking the above seems to reduce the chance of a version mismatch error, at least. 

Also we expect this issue to be fixed soon as lots of user are facing this issue and hopefully Blizzards fixes it ASAP. 

Hope this article helps.

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