Volume Buttons not working on iPhone 13/12 Pro Max ?


Many iPhone 13 / 12Pro max users are facing issue with the side volume buttons of iPhone that the side volume buttons are not working on the iPhone. The issue is also seen on latest iOS 15.4 as well.

Sometime Side buttons works and it changes the ringer volume of iPhone sometimes it does not.  Some user the iPhone 12 reports that side buttons will not work if connected to HomePods or Apple TV or any third device. 

Volume Buttons not working on iPhone 13/12 Pro Max ?
Side button not working iPhone 13

While for other iPhone 13 users the volume buttons as well as silence switch have stopped functioning. User us not able to turn the volume up or down anywhere in iPhone 13. Force restarting the iPhone does not seems to fix the issue .

Please note that the side buttons on iPhone and designed to work differently in diffrent scenarios.


1.  When you see the slider on top, it changes the ringer volume of your phone.

2. When you see the slider on the left, it changes the volume of videos or audio playing app, either on the phone or on connected devices. 

In case you are not able change volume from side buttons please try below solution for workaround and solutions. 

How to fix Volume buttons not working ?: iPhone 13 Pro, 12 Pro max, iOS 15 !

Solution : Volume Buttons Settings

Please note that You can control what side buttons will do in the iPhone. There is sound and haptics setting for that.

If side buttons are not working in iPhone 13 then Go to Settings -> Sound & Haptics and make sure the “Change with Buttons” toggle is enabled. 

Solution : Check Volume from App

The audio , Video apps, you have option to control the volume  from inside the app using a slider. You should try to change volume using these settings and check if it helps. 


Solution : Try Recovery mode 

The issue could de due to firmware upgrade. Please try iPhone recovery mode to reset the iPhone to default settings. 

Also it is recommend to report the iPhone 13 volume buttons not working to Apple at their contact us page. 

You should also keep updating the iPhone to latest version of iOS version. 

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