Pokemon Go Incense not working 2022 ?


Incense which lets you attract Pokemon near you and due to this items you can get as many as 10-15 spawns in 10-15 minutes. But recently Pokemon Go Incesne is not working for them and even after using the item there are no new pokemon getting spawned.

 Pokemon Incense is not spawning or taking too long to spwan, the spwan not takes 5 minutes just to spawn 1 pokemon and earlier it was spawning 10 in same time.

Pokemon Go Incense not working 2022 ?
Incense not spawning 2022

Rebooting the Game does not fix the issue and does not help to spawn more pokemons. This is annoying for the game users. If you are also facing same issue then please read the below details to know more about the issue

How to fix incense is not working on Pokemon Go ?

If incense are not wokring for your then this is not a glitch but expected user behaviour that is actually nromal. Pokemin Go incense just reverted back to its normal effect, so unless you’re walking, you should expect about 1 spawn every 5 minutes.


Please note that Incense effect was boosted a few years ago by the Game. This caused Pokemon to spawn ten per minute and player were used to it.

Recetnly Pokemon nerfed incense with the start of the season. It’s back to pre-covid where it will only spawn a Pokemon once every 5 minutes while stationary.

 If incense is not working for you in 2022 please note that is not a glitch, and its time for you to get used to it as this is a game desing and nothing can be done to change it .

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