Samsung Galaxy s22 speaker Review/ Poor sound Quality issue?


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra  is currently flagship phone from Samsung with many hardware upgrades and new charging port for S-Pen. But there are some issue reported with the Galaxy S22 Ultra like camera shutter lag etc. But along with that there is poor speaker related issues reported by the Galaxy s22 users.

Samsung Galaxy s22 speaker Review/ Poor sound Quality issue?

But first thing that most of the users report is that the s22 speakers are poorly placed. The speaker are at bottom left of the phone. This sometimes causes users to accidentally cover the speaker. But lots of users are finding it inconvenient to have speaker at odd location in the s22.

Low Volume and Sound Crackling issue in Samsung Galaxy S22

Speakers on the base s22 not as loud as older phones, specially when compared to Compared to s20fe, the s22+ speakers sound like defective speaker. Low frequency sounds have never been the strong point of smartphone speakers. However, it seems that the speakers of Samsung S22 Ultra are worse than previous generations of Galaxy S smartphones.

Comparison of Speaker Sound Between Galaxy S22+ and Apple iPhone 13 Pro

When we tested S22+ or s22 ultra against iPhone 13 Pro , the S22 speaker seem to lose the competition here. The s22 doesn’t get as loud, sounds much flatter, and has a strong bias to the bottom side of the phone whereas iPhone 13 Pro sounds more balanced, clear, rich and full.


The s22 definitely has less bass/fullness compared to the iPhones.

Workaround to fix Galaxy S22+ Speaker:

Samsung have not acknowledged the issue yet but there are some setting that you may check to improve the sound quality of Samsung.

Turn Dolby Atmos on and change preset to “movie”.Then play with custom equalizer section till u find good sound setting.

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  1. Having atmos off significantly makes the sound louder, and disperses the sounded amongst the 2 speakers instead of more bottom bias.

    The atmos really augments the sound to sound muddy and lower

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