Audible app stops playing when iPhone sleeps or locks?


iPhone X, 12 Pro max are reporting issue with iOS 15 that Audible app stops playing when screen turns off and locked by users. This is happening for Audible app randomly. The issue started after updating iPhone to latest iOS 15 update and after that the iPhone will stop playing Audible when screen turns dark. Audio stops playing on iPhone but timer still runs whenever iPhone screen locks.

This is annoying to hear the Audible on iPhone. This is happening when let the screen shut off by itself audio stops.

Audible app stops playing when iPhone sleeps or locks?

Same is the issue with Voice memo which stops playing audio when iPhone screen locks. If you are also facing same issue please follow below possible solution to fix the issue.

How to fix Audible App not working on iPhone ?

Fix : Force close the app

When going to sleep with the audible app on sleep timer the sound dies as soon as the screen goes to sleep but the app keeps playing.  The only work around which is working is to force close the app then restart Audible app.  Then restart the timer and manually close the screen with the right button.


Fix : Start app after Connecting earphone

Another fix for the issue is to Force close the Audible app.  Now you can connect either dock or headset.  Once connected you can restart the app and it will continue to work when the screen goes to sleep. 

Fix : Delete and Reinstall the App

A software glitch in App and its setting may cause such issue. Please delete and downloaded the audible app again to fix any glitch or incompatibility related issue and it should fix the issue.

Fix : Toggle iPhone sleep Settings

There is workaround to fix the issue which is to change phone auto-lock mode to “never” in the settings and playing audible for a while. After that you can Turn usual auto-lock option back on and the problem should be fixed.

To change auto lock setting on iPhone go to settings icon, tap display and brightness, then tap auto-lock for options and tap never. Play audible book, then return to auto-lock options and choose your preferred option instead of never.


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