How to fix #images not working on iPhone 13 / iOS 15


Many iPhone 13, 12 Pro ,iPad users after updating their iPhone are facing issue that #images stopped working on their iPhone for random reason. The imessage gif not working ios 15 update and do not show any result and shows error ” Could not load result”

The # images stopped working on diffrent iPhone iPad models images and gif are missing from there. Removing and re-adding the app does not seem to help. This seems to be sofware issue in the latest iOS update.

#images failed to load on iPhone
#image not working in iOS 15

Every time after searching in #images iPhone show “Could not load results” error.There are different types of error shown like “the connection appears to be offline” etc.

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Fix imessage gif search not working 2022: iPhone 13 , iPhone XR,11,XS MAX

Fix  : Turn on mobile data for #hashtag images

If you are using mobile data or using #images in your iPhone then please note that it requires permission to use them on mobile data.


 Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Turn on “Hashtag Image”. Please reboot the iPhone after this and check if iMessage loads now or not.

Fix : Turn off VPN Service

Using VPN on iPhone may cause may type of network related issue on your iPhone. Please remove or disable VPN app from your iPhone to make #images work.

Fix : Toggle iMessage

Due to some software glitch after iOS update in your iPhone, #images may stop to load properly and to fix that you should try to Toggle iMessag settings. Go to Settings->Messages-> iMessage – > Turn this OFF and after that turn it back ON.

Fix : Change Region Settings

Please ensure that iMessage are supported in your country and if so one easy solution to get back #images is to toggle iMessage. Go to iPhone settings -> Language & Region-> Change region to United Kingdom. Reboot iPhone and Change region back to United States.


Fix : Reset Network settings

To fix the #images not loading issue then you should try to reset iPhone Network settings. Go to iPhone Setting -> Reset & Transfer iPhone-> Reset Network setting. You iPhone will reboot during this process and only network related setting will be changed to default.

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