How to fix Disney+ low volume on PC /Apple TV, PS4


Disney Plus is growing OTT platform with support on different devices like PS and Xbox and Apple TV. Some Disney+ users are reporting issue of low volume while watching any show on it. Disney Plus user are reporting issue with the Disney Plus low volume issue which started randomly and even after raising the system volume to max level, it is very hard to listen the audio . The issue started after the latest update and after that the volume became very low and hard to listen.

How to fix Disney+ low volume on PC /Apple TV, PS4

The low volume issue on Disney+ is seen on different platforms like Windows PC, Apple TV and PS4 or PS5 which makes watching movies and series hard. If you are also facing same issue please try below fix and check if it helps.

How to fix Disney Plus Low volume issue on Disney+: Windows , Apple TV, Xbox, PS5

If you using Disney+ on Windows then we recommend you to try below setting to fix low call volume issue.

Go to Sound Settings-> Output Device->Device Properties->Additional Device Property- > Go to enhancements-> Enable Virtual Sound and Loudness equalisation.


After enabling these properties, go back to Disney+ and check if this helps.

Fix : Change Data usage

Another possible way to fix low sound issue in Disney+ is to try changing the Data usage settings.  In the Disney plus app Go to Settings and then App Settings. Change your Data Usage from Automatic to Moderate. This should fix the issue  as it seems that  highest quality stream is causing audio cuts in Disney+ and it should be fixed after the changes . The video quality may become somewhat poor but this will noticeably improve the audio.

Fix : Logout and reinstall the App

A software glitch in the system may cause low volume or audio cut issues in Disney+. To fix that just logout from you Disney Plus account. Reinstall the app and check back again.

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