How to fix iPhone charger tip ?


Many iPhone users are facing issue with charging the iPhone. The main reason behind it is, Lightening cable not charging the iPhone properly. There could be many issues with the lightening cable but one of most common is Charger tip not working properly.

How to fix iPhone charger tip ?
Fix iPhone charger tip issue 2022

The Lightening cable tip is usually exposed to open areas and may get damaged or may not work due to various reason. In this article we have shown below the possible fix for lightening cable not working on iPhone 13/12 Pro Max etc.

How to fix iPhone Charging cable Tip ?

Fix : Check for Hardware damage

Thoroughly check the tip of iPhone charger if it have any visible damage on the corners of the tip. If so , it is nearly impossible to fix it at home and you may have to reach to near by Apple support center to get it fixed

Fix : Use Alcohol to clean Charger Tip

Alcohol are the best cleaning item for clearing the metal parts of any electronic item. To clear the tip of iPhone charging cable use a strong Alcohol (~99%) , you may also use hand sanitizer with ~70 Alcohol.

  • Rub the Alcohol dip cotton on the tip of charger fro 5 minutes
  • Clean the tip with smooth cloth and make sure that the tip is not wet anymore

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