Important Direction Sense Reasoning questions for Bank(IBPS) and Other Govt Competitive Exam


What are Direction Sense Questions Are:

You can expect 2-3 question in exams from this section, In these type of section you will have to find out exact direction and solving given statements about the same. The questions asked are direction bases, meaning you will be given with direction of person movement and distance travelled in different direction.

How to solve Direction Sense Questions: (Tips to solve Direction sense Reasoning Questions)

While solving the Direction related questions you should use Pen and paper and draw the person movement and draw the direction carefully. Here is picture depicting direction that you must remember.

Important Direction Sense Reasoning questions for Bank(IBPS) and Other Govt Competitive Exam

Now Lets some Direction practice Questions:


Practice Questions for Directions Reasoning Questions

Question 1 − Sohan started from his home and moves in eastward direction. After walking some distance he turned to his right-hand side and walked, after walking some distance he turned to his left-hand side and walked. After some time he has taken two simultaneous left-hand side ward movement and after walking some distance he again taken two left-hand side movements simultaneously. Now he is facing to which direction. All the turns are 90 degrees.

Options −

A – East

B – West


C – North

D – South


Explanation − First Sohan started walking to east then he took a right-hand side turn. Now he is facing south. After walking some distance, he turned left-hand side so after turning now he is facing east. After this, he has taken two left-hand side movement simultaneously so now he is facing towards west direction. And finally after walking some distance he has again moved to his left-hand side twice so finally after his all movements, he is currently facing towards east direction.

Questions 2: One morning Uday and Vishal were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Vishal’s shadow was exactly to the left of Uday, which direction was Uday facing?

A. East

B. West

C. North.

D. South


Question 3 − Salim started to move in the direction of west in an open field and stopped after moving 5km. Now he turned to his left-hand side and moved 15 km. How much minimum distance he has to cover to reach his starting point?

Options −

A – 25km

B – 20km

C – 30km

D – 15km

Option D

Explanation − Here we have to apply the Pythagoras theorem to get the answer. We will take square of each number i.e. 5 and 15. The square of both the numbers are 25 and 225 respectively. We will add them and result of addition is 250. Finally we will take the square root of the number and the final result is 15.08km. So the minimum distance here is 15km. Hence the option D is correct.

Questions 4: Mr Deepak Mohan walks 5 km towards the south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 5 km. What direction is he facing right now?





Deepak Mohan's Path Trace

Hence B option is right answer

Question 5: One morning after sunrise, Nandita and Ravi were sitting in a lawn with their backs towards each other. Nandita’s shadow fell exactly towards her left-hand side. Which direction was Ravi facing?

A. East

B. West

C. North

D. South


Since it was morning and Nandita’s shadow fell exactly to her left-hand side, Nandita was facing North and hence Ravi should be facing South. Hence the answer is option D.

Question 6: Airplanes A, B, C and D started flight towards east. After flying 125 kms planes A and D flew towards right while planes B and C flew towards left. After 115 km, planes B and C flew towards their left while planes A and D also turned towards their left. In which directions are the airplanes A, B, D, C respectively flying now?

  1. North, South, East, West
  2. East, West, West, East
  3. East, West, East, West
  4. South, North, North, South
Important Direction Sense Reasoning questions for Bank(IBPS) and Other Govt Competitive Exam

Option C

Question 7: Seema started early in the morning on the road towards the Sun. After some time she turned to her left. Again after some time she turned to her right. After moving some distance she again turned to her right and began to move. At this time, in what direction was she moving?

  • a) South
  • b) North-West
  • c) North-East
  • d) East

Option C

direction sense question3

Question 8. Ram walks 10 m South from his house, turns left and walks 25 m, again turns left and walks 40 m, then turns right and walks 5 m to reach the school. In which direction is the school from his house?

  • a) North-East
  • b) West
  • c) South
  • d) East

Option A

Question 9: Sumi ran a distance of 40 m towards South. She then turned to the right and ran for about 15 m, turned right again and ran 50 m. Turning to right then ran for 15 m. Finally she turned to the left an angle of 45° and ran. In which direction was she running finally?

  • a) South-East
  • b) South-West
  • c) North-East
  • d) North-West

Question 10: Two boys Anil and Shyam walk in opposite directions for three kilometres. Anil is walking towards East. After 3 km each both turn right and walk 3 km each. Both turn to face each other. In which direction is Shyam looking?

  • a) South
  • b) South East
  • c) West
  • d) South East
direction sense question6

Option B

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