Important Blood Relations Reasoning Questions, Tips for Competitive Exams


blood relation questions are very important for all competitive exams. This section have a question let it to find out Relation between two persons between two persons, given multiple relations scenario. The question asked generally not very difficult but May take some time to solve. However if you practice hard You can solve these questions in very less time. We have listed below are some tips tricks to solve blood relation reasoning questions. This section is up-to-date and to cover blood relation question for 2021 competitive exams like Bank PO/clerk, IBPS, SBI, Govt Job, State Govt Job etc.

Tips and Tricks for Blood Relation Questions :

The questions on blood relations are of following three types

  • Based on statements/ conversations
  • Based on puzzles
  • Based on codes

Blood Relation Chart

Indirect Reference mentioned in QuestionsActual relation
Father’s or Mother’s DaughterSister
Father’s or Mother’s SonBrother
Father’s or Mother’s SisterAunt
Father’s or Mother’s BrotherUncle
Father’s or Mother’s MotherGrandmother
Father’s or Mother’s FatherGrandfather
Daughter’s HusbandSon-in-law
Son’s WifeDaughter – in – law
Husband’s or Wife’s BrotherBrother – in – law
Husband’s or Wife’s SisterSister – In – law
Brother’s DaughterNiece
Brother’s SonNephew
Brother’s WifeSister-in-law
Sister’s HusbandBrother- in- law
Aunt’s or Uncle’s Son or DaughterCousin
Granddaughter’s or  Grandson’s daughterGreat grand daughter
Tip for solving Blood relation problem

One easy way to solve blood relation problem in exams is to use a reference person and draw all relations relative to him/her.

Example1: In a family, there are six members- A, B, C, D, E and F. A and B are a married couple, A being a male member. D is the only son of C, who is the brother of A. E is the sister of D. B is the daughter-in-law of F, whose husband has died.

How F has related to A?

  1. Mother
  2. Sister-in-law
  3. Sister
  4. Mother-in-law
  5. None of these

How is E related to C?

  1. Daughter
  2. Aunt
  3. Cousin
  4. Sister
  5. Mother

Sol 1: The first sentence is USI while all other are is actual information. Since, as suggested above we should begin with the parent-child relationship. And the third sentence depicts parent-child relationship i.e. D is the only son of C who’s a brother of A. Therefore, the diagram is as follows

Tips to Solve Blood Relations Problems

Now we should look info. that tells more about A, D or C. The second sentence tells us more about A. So, we’ll incorporate that into the diagram.

Blood Relations Problems in LR

Now we shall add the leftover information and the one that fits the most in the current diagram is the relationship between D and E.

Blood Relations Problems in Logical Resoning

Now lets Practice Questions :

Q: A is B’s sister. C is B’s mother. D is C’s father. E is D’s mother. Then, how is A related to D?

A) GrandfatherB) Grandmother
C) DaughterD) Granddaughter

 D) Granddaughter


A is the sister of B and B is the daughter of C.

So, A is the daughter of C. Also, D is the father of C.

So, A is the granddaughter of D. 

Q: A girl introduced a boy as the son of’ the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girl’s 

A) BrotherB) Son
C) UncleD) Son-in-law

A) Brother


Daughter of uncle’s father — Uncle’s sister — Mother;

Mother’s son — Brother 

Q: Pointing to a person, a man said to a woman, “His mother is the only daughter of your father.” How was the woman related to the person ? 

A) AuntB) Mother
C) WifeD) Daughter

A) Aunt


Daughter of your father — Your sister. So, the person’s mother is woman’s sister or the woman is person’s aunt. 

Q:A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man, related to the woman ? 

A) NephewB) Son
C) CousinD) Uncle to Grandson

C) Cousin


Brother of mother — Uncle: Uncle’s son — Cousin

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