Practice Question for New patterns of Coding-Decoding (Reasoning)


New patterns of Coding-Decoding is important section in various Govt and PSU exams. Candidates must practice coding decoding questions for different Govt and Private exams. We have listed below some very important Coding and Decoding Questions that you should try before appearing in exam. You will be given with a set of statement and based upon that few questions will be asked. Here is a sample questions for new Coding – Decoding reasoning questions.

Directions: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. 

“Music is natural medicine” is coded as “5#U 2^I 7&A 8*E””Eating vegetable makes healthy” is coded as “6$E 9=E 5#A 7&E””Health and Money balance” is coded as “6$E 3%A 5#O 7&A””Life extra wonderful now” is coded as “4@I 5#E 9=O 3%O”

Question 1: What is the code for “Balanced diet”?

  1. 8*E 4@I
  2. 8*E 5@E
  3. 8*A 4@I
  4. 8*A 4@E

Option 3

Common Explanation:

The given words are coded as per the following pattern:

1. The digit in the code represents the number of letters in the word.

For example: In word “DIGIT”, there are 5 letters, so the code will begin with 5.

2. The symbol in the code is based upon the following table.

No. of letters in the wordSymbol

For example: In word “DIGIT” the number of letters are 5, so the middle code would be #.

3. The letter in the code represents the first vowel from left end in the given word.

For example: In word “DIGIT” the first vowel from left end is I, so the code will end with I.

Hence the code for “DIGIT” is “5#I”.

Question 2: What would be the code for “Weather”?

  1. 6&E
  2. 7&E
  3. 7&A
  4. 6&A

Option 2

Explanation: refer Question 1

Question 3: What would be the code for “Climate condition”?

  1. 8*J 9=O
  2. 9*J 8=O
  3. 8*I 9=O
  4. 9*I 8=O

Option 3

Question 4: What would be the code for “Snow”?

  1. 4$O
  2. 6$O
  3. 3$O
  4. None of these

Option 4

Noneof these

Direction: (1-5) Study the given information and answer the following questions in a certain code,

‘temperate winter negative feeling’ is written as ‘o&C i#E o$C e@P’

‘worst summer raining cloud’ is written as ‘e*B e@P a*R i#E’

‘positive results weather report’ is written as ‘ e@R e#Q o$C i#P’

‘heaven swings drowsy thunder’ is written as ‘ i@L e#P a@Q a@W’

Q.1. What is the code for the word ‘Drowsy’?


(A) i@L

(B)  e#P

(C)  a@Q

(D) a@W

(E) None

Option D

Q.2. What will be the code for the ‘Sunday Times’?

(A) a@Y a*Q

(B)  a*W a*Q

(C)  a@W a@Q

(D) a@W a*Q

(E) None

Ans .   E

Q.3. Which of the following word doesn’t represent the code ‘e@W’?

(A) Sunday

(B)  Monday

(C)  Funday

(D) Friday

(E) Saturday

Ans .   E

Q.4. Which of the following word represents the code ‘o$C’?

(A) Positive

(B)  Negative

(C)  Reactive

(D) Either Positive or Negative

(E) All the above

Ans :

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