Apple CarPlay GPS Showing Wrong Location : iPhone 13/14 ? [Fix]


Many CarPlay users with the latest iPhone 14,13 Pro max are reporting issue with CarPlay showing wrong GPS data. Navgiation Apps like Apple Maps or Google maps are showing wrong direction and location address due to this GPS issue in the iPhone 13,14. The issue is seen with different car model like BMW, Mercedes , Audi etc.  

Apple CarPlay seems to have the GPS issue even with the iPhone running on the latest iOS 17. Due to this issue sometime the Apple shows location at  50 meter away or shows that the car is going in reverse direction.

Navigation apps Like Waze maps , Google maps or Apple maps on iPhone are malfunctioning when connected to CarPlay by WiFi. When connected by wire or wireless the car appears to be going backward on the map and instructions to turn are wrong.

Apple CarPlay GPS Showing wrong location

 The GPS issue on CarPlay changes it behavior on different apps like sometimes the Google maps rotate while driving while Apple Maps ceaselessly says, “Proceed to the route.”


Why Apple CarPlay GPS not working properly ? iPhone 12,15

If the CarPlay GPS is not showing correct direction then in first look it may appear to be an issue with the iPhone or Apple services. But as per some reports issue seem to be linked to Car GPS. The Apple requires an in-car GPS antenna when implementing wired/wireless Carplay, to save battery or increase reception. So when connected to CarPlay, the GPS switches from the iPhone GPS to the in-car GPS antenna (Read here for more CarPlay details ). 

Therefore the CarPlay users facing GPS showing wrong location or direction is due to glitch in the in-Car GPS and the issue needs to be addressed at in-Car GPS manufactures.

If you are also facing GPS not loading correct information on CarPlay then below link may help to fix the issue :

How to fix iPhone Apple CarPlay GPS Showing wrong location and directions ?

Reset the 3D calibration:

To fix CarPlay showing wrong location, you have to reset the 3D calibration settings on your head unit. It should fix the problem, but please note the issue may start to happen again and you will have to perform these steps again.

Apple CarPlay GPS Showing Wrong Location : iPhone 13/14 ? [Fix]
source: pioneer

To do a 3D calibration in your Car (For example using pioneer unit) System settings in Pioneer unit—3D Calibration Status—Reset all three of the settings: Learning, Distance, and Speed Pulse. (source )

Hard-resetting my front dash on Car

Since the issue is linked to in-Car GPS and if 3D calibration reset does not help you then you should also reset the Car Sterio system.  To do this, turn the car system ON, and then press and hold the volume knob in the center console for ~10-15 seconds. This will reboot the front display and fix any software glitches on your Car system.


The CarPlay malfunctioning seems to be linked to Car GPS system rather then iPhone GPS issue. But Apple should find a way to avoid issue from the external devices causing its functionality failing. You can report the GPS issue to Apple to provide a better solution.

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